Tapola - A Monsoon Destination

During monsoons and just after it the hillsides of Tapola covers itself in a blanket of different shades of green dotted by beautiful and colourful wild flowers giving the place a surreal appeal. The numerous seasonal waterfall that come up during monsoons only add to the charm of Tapola during monsoons.


Shivsagar lake which is located right at the doorstep of Tapola Tent Resort is the prime attraction of Tapola and boating to various spots identified in the lake is one of the most popular activity tourists indulge in during their stay at Tapola Tent Resort. The lake is also the venue of various water activities that the guests take part in!

A swim in the lake is certainly warranted while you are staying at Tapola Tent Resort. The 90 km long lake for one thing would certainly not make you feel confined! It is mandatory to wear necessary safety equipments and follow all the the safety instructions provided by the guides or instructors when you venture into the water while staying at Tapola Tent Resort.

If you are visiting Tapola in July or August a visit to the Kas Plateau can be something at could make the trip truely memorable. Standing in the middle of the expansive misty bed of flowers along with a slight drizzle is one of the best experiances that you can have during a holiday in rains!

Tapola is the base camp for Vasota jungle trek, one of the most sought after jungle treks that one can embark on in Maharashtra. Boats are available from Tapola to Bamnoli from where permissions need to be secured from the forest department. Another boat ride gets you to the start point of the Vasota trek.

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A Green Hide Away!

Amidst gathering clouds tucked away in a small hamlet covered in lush greenery, Tapola Tent Resort is the best hide away near Mumbai and Pune to spend some quality time with your near and dear ones away from the hustle of the cities.